batterX® is a new and unique product for the energy market, created by VISION UPS SYSTEMS Sarl, a UPS manufacturer from Luxembourg. The main idea is to put an Uninterruptible Power Supply in the center of a controllable versatile energy solution: UPS + Energy Storage + Solar or renewable energy.

In this way the system generates synergies and advantages which cannot be found neither in UPS nor in storage solutions or PV installations. It´s the combination of several power sources that creates additional benefits. Shifting the simultaneous power sources in the mix (as shown below) the end user does not depend on only one power source.

For a detailed list of the advantages batterX® can provide to you please see the brochures in our Downloads! batterX® can be delivered as BUSINESS SERIES (10-650kVA) and HOME SERIES (3/5/10kW, for private households).



In combination with a PV installation, the solar energy is the primary energy source to supply the load with stable and uninterruptible power. It also charges your batteries.


With our unique and modular technology we are able to provide very big storage capacities. In combination with solar energy, we can power and protect you during many hours or days.


The grid only supplies the load when the solar and/or battery energy is not strong enough or not available. Partial grid supply is managed by the Energy Flow Manager (EFM).